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Daad Demolition is one of the leading experts in deconstruction in the GTA and believes that deconstruction is the most eco-friendly demolition technique out there currently. For us, everyone should consider when demolishing their home for renovation and rebuilding it.

It is the careful and selective dismantling of a building to maximize re-used and recycling rates. Deconstructing is one of the greener ways of renovating or rebuilding your home as it produces minimal wastage and upcycles most of the pre-existing materials.

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Deconstruction: the eco-friendly technique of rebuilding

By choosing deconstruction, you are also helping the economy and planet because it is a more labour-intensive service. It requires more labour which when more jobs and greener jobs. Though you will need more labour for this type of demolition, you will also save more money on material because you are upcycling old ones.

Daad Demolition has sustainability at heart and we specialize in the dismantling of buildings to maximize the upcycling of old materials. This is the method of the future and you can help our planet by choosing it.

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Deconstruction Services Toronto

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