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At Daad Demolition, we specialize in providing a professional and high standard underpinning service to lower, strengthen, and reinforce your home’s foundation. Our experienced team undergoes a meticulous process to first asses conditions prior to commencing work, which we will then provide the most appropriate techniques and methods to ensure long lasting quality and safety of your home. Additionally, we also provide a high-quality waterproofing solution to keep your basement dry and safe from flooding, leaks, and water damage.

Strengthening Your Home: Expert Underpinning Services in Toronto

Strengthen your foundation
During the construction process, it is often discovered that foundations are not able to support the weight of proposed alterations. When additional floors or extensions are added to the structure, it increases the load that the existing foundation walls need to carry. Oftentimes, that means the footings will need to be underpinned to allow for additional support necessary to safely add an extension.

Underpinning Methods
There are multiple methods of underpinning, typically determined by an engineer. Of the most common methods, there is the typical mass concrete pour method of in the form of overpour or flush pour; mini pile underpinning which involves a vertical concrete pile or steel pile to support the foundation; Beam and Base involves concrete beam which will carry the weight of the existing wall.

Meticulous planning and handling
Prior to construction commencement, our team dedicates time and resources to discovering the best solution for your project. We ensure our team is confident in the proposed goal of your project and we formulate a process and schedule accordingly. Our dedicated and experienced supervisors oversee all work and ensure that the desired goal is obtained.

Pre – construction inspections
Prior to the commencement of underpinning, we take the initiative of testing soil to ensure that the compaction is at the minimum level to continue with the work as required. Since materials such as soil, clay, sand, peat, or loose fill can shift overtime, we assess the scenario and introduce a proactive plan. This ensures that once underpinning is executed, your structure remains stable overtime.

Smoothly navigating the complexities

Underpinning and Waterproofing Mississauga
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 Our Process


  • Our experienced team will inspect your property and identify issues in your foundation. We will then forward our report and findings to a certified engineer which will design and develop a plan to conduct the underpinning sequence safely.
  • We begin excavation attentively ensuring the process is being executed per plans. During this step, additional measures to securing your structure may be appropriate.
  • Once mandatory inspections have been completed, our in-house team will conduct our own inspections, findings, and produce a report. Our team then installs high quality materials per underpinning plans.
  • While our team continues the underpinning process, we monitor, and ensure that the existing foundation shows no signs of destabilization. Once work is complete, we either remove the soil from the basement or backfill the area and achieve the final result.

Keeping your property dry and safe

Underpinning and Waterproofing Toronto

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